Window Washing
Our window washing includes all specified windows, washed inside and out. Sills are cleaned as are the storm windows, and sky lights. There is nothing better than looking through a bright, clean window, bringing the outside in!

Gutter Cleaning
Gutter cleaning is recommended at least once a year, if not more, depending on the trees surrounding your home. We recommend you have your gutters cleaned in mid-November, before the arrival of snow and ice. Once an ice dam forms in your gutters, it can cause substantial damage to your home interior and exterior.

Interior Painting
We are happy to take on your project, big or small. If you need just a ceiling taken care of, or every room painted, we are ready to do the job. Call early for a free estimate before the Holidays to ensure scheduling.

Exterior Painting
We are ready to paint the trim on the house or prep and paint your entire home, whatever you need, to your complete satisfaction.

Yard Cleanups
Whether it’s spring, fall, or the middle of summer, if you have leaves or leftover piles of brush we are fully equipped to do the job. Call us today for an estimate.

Junk Removal
We specialize in removal of junk from homes, construction sites, garages, warehouses and basically anywhere you have junk. We do the loading and clean up so you don't have to. We'll take furniture, household items, old appliances, yard waste, construction debris and just about anything you need removed. We can also handle your small demolition projects as well.

Small Carpentry
We can take care of your small carpentry jobs. If you need to replace some trim, a door or lattice around your deck, we can take care of it for you.

Small Landscaping
Pruning, weeding, tree or plant transplants – we can do it. Our specialist can plan and create your garden, plant your shrubs, feed your trees and improve your grounds with his landscaping experience.

Odd Jobs
If you need to have it done, we are here to help you get it taken care of. Please feel free to call me directly and ask about any odd job we can do for you.